Jody  M. Masterson is a certified rehabilitation nurse (CRRN) consultant  with over 20 years of experience working with attorneys, patients and  medical professionals in preparing comprehensive life care plans for  the catastrophically injured and disabled.  Ms. Masterson is also a  Fellow in the International Academy of Life Care Planners (FIALCP).   This is a designation awarded to those whose life care plans have been  peer reviewed.  It also evaluates professional association involvement,  educational presentations, mentorship, research and expert witness  testimony.  Ms. Masterson has over 40 years  of clinical nursing experience and holds a Masters degree in nursing  (MSN).  

 A life care plan is a document which outlines present and future care  needs with their associated costs based on a comprehensive medical  record review, rehabilitation assessment, contact with treating  professionals, medical experts and research of costs. The goal of the  life care plan is to provide individualized care for the individual to  function at their highest level of independence in a safe  environment with dignity and respect.  The categories of future care may include the following:  Medical Care, Therapies, Psychological  Counseling, Supplies and Equipment, Medications, Diagnostic Studies,  Hospitalizations/ER Visits/Procedures, Skilled Nursing Care, Attendant  Care, Case Management, Transportation, Home Modifications, Residential  Placement Option and Special Education Services Option.  This document  can be used for expert testimony, Special Needs Trust implementation,  life care plan implementation and care coordination.